Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Velocity Circus Headquarters in Home Strange Home

Gregangelo & Velocity Circus/Arts & Entertainment was delighted  to be featured as part of AMS Pictures "Home Strange Home" series for the HGTV network.
This is a candid and whirlwind 11.5 minute spin through the labyrinthine house, our headquarters (a journey which normally takes 2 hours).

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Film Salon
Movie Night!
  Movie Night
We're planning an evening of exciting short films to bring together our remarkable community for a little watching, a little snacking, and some great conversation.   Show your work in a supportive environment, and network with other artists.  

Send an email to:
or call 415-664-0095 to submit your film.

Contact Us
Gregangelo & Velocity
Arts and Entertainment
225 San Leandro Way
San Francisco, California 94127
Hello fellow artists, 
I just want to share this new TV segment (link below) with you about my house, or better put: our "Circus Headquarters."  

I hope, that through your passions and artistry, you continue to thrive and inspire those around you.  In your communities, wherever you are now, or may find yourself in he future.  

Imaginatively yours,

Gregangelo Herrera
Gregangelo and Velocity Arts & Entertainment

Circus Headquarters
You were there...  and we've got it on film.
Many of you have helped to build this wonderful place, several of you are in this feature, ALL of you, in some way inspired every profound work or art, story and imagery that through many years and layers of labors has become Velocity's calling card; both a visceral and palpable place which actually lives beyond the ephemeral experiences and memories we create for our audiences every day.

Would you like a tour? 
Members of the Velocity team are eligible for a special discount.  Just call!
Invite up to three people who's socks you want knocked off. 
Velocity Circus is...
A San Francisco based Arts and Entertainment company that specializes in the creation of custom works. 

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