Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Bridge to Your Imagination

Original Velocity costume design painting for our character Ms GG Bridges,
Guardian of the Golden Gate
By artist: Stephan

We hope that your year is off to a genuinely gratifying start.

We are so grateful to you, our longstanding, new, and potential clients, for choosing our artistry to help bring your events, experiences and shows to life! In turn, you have supported an economy of local and dedicated multi-disciplinary artists, who richest currency is to contribute their unbridled inspiration back into this beautiful city which we continue to call home.

A very special thank you to the never ending flow of fascinating visitors who contribute by coming to explore the labyrinth tours of our Velocity Headquarters aka The Gregangelo Museum.
We'd love to see many of you back again!

We are perpetually delighted with our core group of wonderful collaborators, directors and performers of every discipline from aerial mirth-lings to zebra clad contortionists who add in bringing every vision to full bloom.

And of course, cheers to our team of highly skilled artists in residence, artist managers, and crew here who are the prolific "X-Men and Women" who make everything work!

Our purpose this year is to continue to produce new and meaningful experiences  which connect people, encourage bridging culture clashes and link divides here in SF and anywhere in the world.

We sincerely look forward to joining forces with each and every one of you in welcoming our new SF residents and entertaining our diverse visitors with our 'only in San Francisco' brand of genuine, exemplary and customized hospitality ….

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