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My favorite work is to develop and create for museum public programs and bringing attention to the exhibits.

Sketch for new 2 person costume bringing to life the above garden arch
(Cover of exhibit catalogue)

*****2 clips of mov

Two clips of artists constructing project

We are currently in full production building an installation, characters and acts for the

“Doris Duke’s Shangri-la, A House in Paradise” Exhibit

Presented by

Though I have built a trusting relation with the museum, they must propose our concept to the exhibit presenter.
The below portfolio is the customized tool and proof of experience I gave them specifically to secure this job, and gain their confidence:

1)    “Museums” This link is a description and sampling of our various works at fine arts museums.
The top half of the page lists the exhibits and shows samples of our commissioned works in tandem with each exhibit.
 The lower half of the page links to details of each exhibit:

Jean Paul Gaultier “from the Sidewalk To The Catwalk”

2)    “To Live Forever” exhibit at Nevada Museum of Art
This is a comprehensive portfolio of 3 distinct events/installations/shows surrounding this exhibit. None of the elements will be repeated for the
“Doris Duke’s Shangri-la, A House In Paradise” exhibit donor and public programs.
Velocity greeters at “To Live Forever” exhibit

3)”Art-come-to-life” This gallery is a sampling of a variety of past commissions which reverently brought art and artists to life in a new light to entertain and educate the guests.
At the moment, and for the next 2 months, we are making all new work for the Shangri-la exhibit donor and public events.
(Currently in thousands of pieces in our studio)

Vincent Van Gough painting with light

4)”Installations” This link lists detailed portfolios of some memorable installations for various Museum, Corporate,
 Public Arts, and Private clients:

Velocity walk-thru kaleidoscope

5) Artistic director Gregangelo Herrera- this brief Tedx talk by Gregangelo is geared towards youth and summarizes the director’s work ethics and philosophy:

6): Gregangelo’s studio, headquarters, home, San Francisco attraction, “Museum”
This is a short video journey through his “Shangri-la”

Gregangelo museum brochure

Additional Islamic Arts related info:
The artistic director is a whirling dervish (El Tanoura) and has done extensive life long studies in Islamic Arts & Entertainment as well as professional commissions in the following locations:

Mumbai and Hyderabad, India
Cairo, Tel ar-amana, Luxor, Aswan (more), Egypt
Damascus, Aleppo, Syria
Marrakech, Morocco
Amman, Petra, Jordan

*Portfolios available upon request

Affiliation through discussions with his two sisters’ work in Islam:

Dr Linda Bayat Herrera- Islamic Youth studies

Cathy Kelly Herrera- Documentary film maker
 Currently resides in Cairo and is filming the revolution and Islamic transformation

Artistic Director
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“Spring is nature’s way of saying- lets Party!”
-Robin Williams

Queen Emeralda and her flying monkeys from Gregangelo & Velocity Circus’ production of “Oohs & Aahs in OZ “

In preparing to send New Year (spring) “thank you” cards to all of our varying clients and collaborators, I came across some springtime proverbs that resonate as inspiration for a message to match the above Velocity image.

This one below really rings with me as I have been recently exclaiming around circus headquarters in response to several incoming lame, timid, fear-laden requests for concepts: “They are asking us to deliver a pot of dirt without the flowers!!!”

You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming.
~Pablo Neruda

To all you global revolutionaries fighting for justice, I hope triumph is on the horizon:
“Spring is the only revolutionary whose revolution has succeeded.” 
― Marianne Van Hirtum

For all you lovers:
“I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.” 
― Pablo Neruda,

To the GLBT community:
Now every field is clothed with grass, and every tree with leaves; now the woods put forth their blossoms, and the year assumes its gay attire.

My personal favorite “Willi Wonka-esque” exchange following a performance well done:
It is a business doing pleasure with you!
-Dolly Parton

Artistic Director
Velocity Arts & Entertainment
Velocity Circus
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VETERANS…in San Francisco?

Of the hundreds of non-profit events over the years I have contributed entertainment and resources in order to help raise $ and awareness to a of endless multitude of causes, this NCIRE project stands out as the single most profound and awakening of all.

Growing up in San Francisco, I was only aware of veterans who were often present as homeless, mentally ill and neglected in the street, or behind closed doors at the SF Veterans Hospital. The hospital is situated on the magnificent cliffs along the Pacific Ocean, and looms over leisurely hikers (often me) who have no perception of what/who lies within as we navigate the peaceful trails below at Lands End pondering the expanse of the ocean, marveling at the Golden Gate, sun bathing, and enjoying the many freedoms of life in the US and San Francisco.

Other than a distant uncle, who when speaking of his WWII experience would burst into a puzzling fit of rage full and regretful tears (which I now understand), I had no personal experience or meaningful education with veterans.

The passionate Ann Fox, who produced this event and the below video brought us in at ground zero to collaborate with various doctors, scientists researchers, artists, designers, media, veterans, and families and through her heartfelt work, and the 6 month journey with her in producing this, my awareness of the neurological and psychological wounds of war is forever changed .

Hiromi, Velocity’s media director was instrumental in both the filming and editing of portions of this high impact video under Ann Fox’s discerning orchestration and watchful eye.

Designed both as a multifaceted “Welcome Home” and outreach resource for veterans returning to the San Francisco Bay Area from their “Tours”, Ann was thorough in bringing a poignant message.

Any opinions that you or I may have regarding this topic are of no concern when listening to the earnest stories and experiences of these men:

Here are some excerpts from the NCIRE awareness gala in which Velocity performed a dancing fashion show of science inspired garments, an acrobatic aerial spectacle inspired by the double helix and other atomic particles, and presented a welcome home film:

Velocity Dance Co posing as scientists at NCIRE awareness gala

Welcome home a veteran and be the benevolent humanity which may have escaped them

Artistic Director
Velocity Arts & Entertainment
Velocity Circus
San Francisco
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San Francisco Madam Sally Stanford

Here at Velocity A & E/ Circus, we bring new and original, and often bizarre characters to life every day as part of our shows, productions, and installations.
Velocity Arctic Mermaid

Occasionally we get requests to do celebrity impersonations of larger-than-life superstars from the music, art, and film world.

Velocity’s version of Cher, Andy, and Liza…

However, it is a rare and special opportunity to do the research and preparation to bring to life the fabled persona of a lesser known local “celebrity”, who against all odds, and through her perseverance became a respected and prodigious legend in her own time and whose inspiration lives on …

“Madam Councilman” Sally Stanford

Through a small but very interesting commission for a local historical society event,
  Multi-faceted Catherine Grillos, a Velocity Character actor for the past 20 years, young artist mentor, and our trusted office manager brings Sally Stanford, San Francisco’s most notorious and beloved Madam of yesteryear, back to life for an evening:

Find your passion
(She just may be in a bordello)

Artistic Director
Velocity Arts & Entertainment
Velocity Circus
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Saturday, April 5, 2014


Another show about a building…

I, Gregangelo, (sounds like I am about to take an oath) was commissioned to conceive and direct a very specialized performance celebrating the Gala opening of the new state of the art, artful, architectural wonder TERMINAL 3 at SFO (SF Airport) dubbed:

Whisked away by event producers, Winslow and Associates, into the construction site, clad in hardhat and safety vest for a whirlwind site inspection, I was instructed to come up with an immersive spectacle show which was literally to be about the building of the terminal and the people who both constructed and work in it.

Within the elite audience would be every architect, engineer, design firm, contractor, United Airline employees from mid-century to now, and a multitude civic leaders and a few SF Mayors of past and present…all who made this building possible.
There would be no entertaining them with anything but authenticity.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and former mayor Willie Brown entertained among the guests during the performance

I left the construction site with a clear vision and as inspired as a child traveling for the first time.
Armed with golden relations with our choreographers, writer, choral director, and multitude of artists, as well as a vast past-repertoire that could be adapted and merged to fit the specific demands of this assignment…I set to work.

I outlined the concept within a few hours and than dove into a writing session with two-time Emmy Award winning lyricist and collaborator Rita Abrams to bring a song and brief script about the construction of the airport to life…

The performance was to be a hybrid Acting/Choral/Dance/Drumming/Acrobatic “Flash-Mob” with all of the characters being a “San Francentric” combination of: Architects, draftsmen, engineers, construction workers, custodians, shop keepers, pilots, flight attendants, passengers, SF cops, security, Mick Jagger, his posse, and some screaming fans (read on). ..

Jacqie Loia, our skilled sales and event design associate presented it to Lynne and Tina at Winslow, over lunch the concept was approved, and we got to work!

Now we had 5 days to produce a site and subject specific, one-of-a-kind profound spectacle… which would under normal circumstances take 6 weeks- %$#@!

Of course there was a bit of turbulence on the short journey, but nothing that set us back. The chorus which we collaborate with from Ruth Asawa’s SOTA was on a job at Carnegie Hall in NYC and not available.  So, within a day, we formed and rehearsed our own brand new adult “Velocity Chorus”. Two of our principle singers were not available, so we recast them. The drum corps we usually work with was in Brazil, so we quickly built relations with a new one.

It was amazing to experience how “terminally dedicated” every artist and crew member was in showing up, despite the fact of being derailed from other current projects.  The well poised Angie Doctor, the artist in residence/director of the SOTA choir stepped off a plane from NYC, met us at terminal 3, polished our “virgin” chorus last minute backstage and got on stage herself to sing.

I even had artists calling me asking to be part of it. Of course I said yes to all.
Everyone focused wholeheartedly to bring this ambitious performance to light within a seemingly impossible timeline.

Here is how our script and show played out:

A single architect from Gensler Design firm (played by Galen) takes the stage following dinner to make closing remarks which on cue burst into a musical #. He is joined by a draftswoman, designer, flight attendant, and construction worker, all of who progressively unify to sing the story of the building.

Slyly integrated and divided into 5 groups at  the  periphery of the guests, the new Velocity chorus pose as Architects, draftsmen, engineers, construction workers, custodians, shop keepers, pilots, flight attendants, passengers, caterers, SF cops, and security. They commence their professional activities, take their spots on cue and join in at the bridge of the song, surrounding the audience in unexpected tune.


At the crescendo, the flight attendant announces: UA flight #: 257 from New York 's JFK Airport, has just landed, carrying a notorious personage who "just can't get no satisfaction." And out from the airline gate come Mick Jagger and his posse of girls and the United flight crew and passengers who all break out into a Dance Flash-mob to “Moves like Jagger”. The chorus at the periphery of the room now transform to dancers and screaming/fainting fans, storm through the audience, and hype up the performance.


At the finally, the announcement is:   Attention, Passengers.  UA flight #: 595 is now arriving from New Orleans' Mardi Gras, carrying a restless crew that's itchin' for you San Franciscans  to RISE UP AND ROCK with them!! Out from United gate 16 come a Brazilian Drum Corp led by our favorite Queen of the Samba, Maisa, who I clad in fanciful retro “stewardess” regalia. Once on stage, the dancers join the drummers in a percussive “Stomp” like performance and a construction crew of dancers appears in the buildings upper catwalks.


When the stage performance is done, all 80 artists immerse into the crowd, get every guest up and parade them towards the dance area, which is Eric Staller’s wonderful kinetic installation titles “SPIROGYRATE” for the terminal 3 children’s play area.
At the parade destination, a Velocity acrobat in his illuminated CYR wheel apparatus entertains a most enthusiastic crowd.


On the parade journey, 3 Velocity gravity defying “mechanic” acrobats ascend from the central terminal and entertain the crowd with high flying tumbling antics.

Vigorous Dancing and photo opts ensue late into the evening with the cast and guests

Velocity Airlines drag queen flight attendant inspires and delights

A special thanks to our acting and choral casting director, Bettina Devin, a most versatile Film, TV, and Stage actor and teacher, and a brilliant artist who I have developed a character and type cast as the Golden Gate Bridge!

SF Ambassador Ms GG Bridges with Mayor (at the time this photo was taken) Gavin Newsom at another grand civic event a few years back

A little hanky panky behind the scenes

In the middle of the event the new United 787 “Dreamliner” pulls up to gate 16 and invites all guests aboard for up-close and personal tours led by United Captains and Flight Attendants.

Following our performance, I was ushered aboard that plane by our stage manager, Patty Z, and met many proud designers, engineers and crew all celebrating their accomplishments.

Though aboard a grounded airplane with no destination, all “passengers” seemed to be elated and flying high.

Me in first class… on a grounded plane… *&$%! perhaps next time I can be in one of these seats when it is flying….

Many guests approached me with accolades regarding our performance, and to my entertainment and delight the #1 comment was an exclamative:
“How did you teach all of the SFO staff to do that?!”

I guess we did indeed perplex them and entertain them!
Mission accomplished…FOR NOW.

Will the real staff please stand up!

Artistic Director
Velocity Arts & Entertainment
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