Friday, December 25, 2015


Me and a small group of European travelers at Lands End San Francisco

Among many performing highlights of 2015, I have had the pleasure to expand my minimal private life and host many international travelers in my home AKA Velocity Circus headquarters. Occasionally a visitor of great talent shows up and of course – I put them to work in one of our productions!

There are far too many fascinating and meaningful encounters to note; however each varied guest, disparate traveler and distinct person with whom I have encountered and shared time has changed and inspired me for the better. Overall, through the cultural exchange, both my and their horizons have forever expanded.

I have recently had a repeat guest named Alvise who is an Industrial designer from Venice, Italy.
He is working on project in San Francisco designing fabric and garments that will be produced by means of 3D printing.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I still work making costumes by hand, stitch-by-stitch.

Alvise and I are opposites in every aspect of life, yet have forged a true friendship during his short visit here.  


Based on his experience in my home, with my arts crew, and witnessing my ever-changing, always-adapting philosophy, he wrote this very special “review” which deeply resonated with me and that I choose to share with any readers here:

“Sometimes you listen to a song or you read a sentence or do whatever, and this thing changes you. 
I did change somehow every time I've been in Greg's house of happiness. 
Touring his world gave me the kind of dream-like feeling that I had watching Lynch's Muholland Drive, everything has the right to be in his own form and position, the whole picture though is imperceptible or subject to interpretation. 
Gregangelo literally can't stop putting himself in the position of changing continuously because this is a truly curious and eclectic man, and since changing yourself changes the way you see at things around you, he is experiencing the place he created himself each time differently. That's why he won't be able to explain himself the whole pattern if you are lucky enough to be invited in this incredible place. And believe me if you are, you want to go. 
He is talented, funny, unpredictable, and a good friend now for me in the city, amazing careful host, and it’s a true honor for me to have a look into his life and meet the nice people he is surrounded by. Thanks Greg. Sorry for this cheesy reference, but you are a very special man.”
-Alvise Rizzo
Veneto Italy

Alvise is a rare and special man who stands out among my many guests. 

He is expansive in his thinking, active and adaptable in his philosophies, very present and sincere, playful and unafraid, and is as interesting himself as he is interested in the world around him. 

Overall I find Alvise to be a gentle and unassumingly inspiring man with a magnetic and comforting presence. 

I look forward to continuing to meet new friends, share meaningful time eye-to-eye with people in the real world and find new inspiration from folks whether they are just passing through, or here to stay…

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