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Velocity Arts & Entertainment February 2013 News Letter

Gregangelo and Velocity Arts & Entertainment
Velocity Momentum:  
Love Letter for a New Year


Next Generation
Highs and Louvres
Night Circus

Artist Spotlight 
  Rose Adare Snapshot
 "Capturing the new vanguards of counter-culture, Adare's evocative brush strokes celebrate their dynamic lifestyles by tying the classical style to the unconventional life".  Rose Adare has added Gregangelo's Dervish to her collection Restraint and Revolution.  The corset plays a large role in this latest show.  She reminds us of it's evolution from a constricting cultural norm to "scandalous lingerie"
If you've got a ticket to Hawaii this year, go see her work.  
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Love is in the air.
Love is in your hair.
Love is everywhere.
In rush and routine it is easy to overlook the myriad of resplendent expressions all around us.  In this new year, we invite you to find moments of beauty, and share them.  Post a photo, or a quote, or a moment of inspiration on our Facebook page, email it, or give us a call! We aspire to reciprocate your splendiferousness in kind! 

Imaginatively yours,

Gregangelo Herrera
Gregangelo and Velocity Arts & Entertainment

Except for those who can entertain them. 
Princess Pink 

Princesses in pink, marionettes, and the  Cult of Beauty have recently dazzled bay area youth.  Teenagers and toddlers alike are spellbound when enter into Velocity territory.   Nothing keeps us on our game like working with children, as they don't accept anything less than True Magic. Our Headquarters are a perfect place for Celebrations!

 Legion lessons of Parisian Honor  
Legion of Honor Louvre
For Louis, Marie, and Napoleon, having your portrait taken was a bore.  But our guests at the Legion of Honor's Royal Salon could hardly contain themselves.  If you need to know "Who did their hair?!"  It was indeed Atelier Emmanuel.  The sister show at the deYoung, Art Explosion, was a smash hit.  Closing the season of Friday Night: Cultural Encounters we had as much fun as the audience!  In March the party begins again!  

Velocity veterans, Jeffrey Lazos-Ferns and Rachel Stegman are fostering a vital artistic community and bringing circus to the desert. Rachel, founder of
The Circus School of Arizona, and Jeffrey of Tarra Lazos, invited Gregangelo to collaborate on an exciting exhibition for the SMOCAThis bloom of culture, Night Circus, comes to fruition on May 11th. 
Velocity Circus is...
A San Francisco based Arts and Entertainment company that specializes in the creation of custom works. 
Gregangelo and Velocity Arts & Entertainment

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