Saturday, July 12, 2014

San Francisco PRIDE 2014

San Francisco PRIDE 2014

Gregangelo & Velocity Circus was honored to be invited as both a sponsor and featured performers at this years PRIDE 2014 VIP celebration beneath the majestic Beaux Arts rotunda of 
San Francisco City Hall.

We took the opportunity to observe the profound progress of the acceptance of gender fluidity and recent same sex civil-freedoms by bringing the rainbow, the LGBTQ (Lesbian/Gay/Bi/Trans/Queer or Questioning) symbol of diversity to life… 

Velocity’s “Ms GG Bridges” welcomes with a rainbow

 Velocity “Fog-City” greeters Portal frames the spot where Gavin Newsom introduced gay marriage to San Francisco

Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green emerge from the rainbow to welcome all

Green sneaking a peak

Whirling dervish representing the truth of nature and equality

The balance of power

The violet/purple/pink spectrum takes the stage with beautiful femininity
Blue sings the Joys

The enthusiastic “Audience” storms the stage and performs a flash mob to the song
“Happy”, a word once interchangeable with “gay”


Gender bending Ruben and Deb filming the festivities

And other Beaux Arts performances in our new gallery here:

Equality to All,

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Velocity Arts & Entertainment
Velocity Circus
San Francisco
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The idea of an individual changing society

“The idea of an individual changing society is so abstract and mythological it borders on the imaginary, and I work closer to the imaginary than you’re supposed to, I think, as an artist, and it’s really almost a childlike idea to think you have agency, and it’s embarrassing to express that notion of agency, but I feel like I am this illustration of a person who has no role in society, who was trained to be a manager of managers but has no prospects aside from a vaguely defined massive social arena, where I’m occupied but not employed, and I’m concerned with meta structures but I can’t understand the most basic societal structures (employment again), where I emerge from a lifetime of school and, not knowing what to do, continue to behave as if I’m in school. ”
-Blaise Larmee (via