Monday, September 16, 2013

Language Revelation

Olivia Gryphon, an accomplished artist who runs several of her own businesses, took the time this week to fill in here and help run Velocity Circus.

I went through a list of work tasks for the day, which I don't exactly recall but something to the extent of :"Be sure to leave space for the albino monkey's wings", "Order a hydraulic lift so we can make her appear to melt", "Don't forget to clean the snow machines", " Be sure her headdress is not a hazard when he throws the knives at her" ; to which she calmly and rationally replied, "No Problem" and proceeded to do the work.

In that brief moment of an assuring and able reply, I realized that I normally cringe at the utterance of either word: "The problem is...", "No, that's OK" (WHICH IS ITNo or OK? and always spoken in the condescending tone one speaks to a pet), and so many more lazy, inept, and obstructive uses of the two words.

But sequence No+ Problem together and it is a sweet concerto spoken by a composer of the highest competence.

I suppose this was just a flash of realization that ALL of the artists around here are indeed maestros...

"Superimpose the Neptunian's over the Andromeda Galaxy..."The beluga whale should have the expression of a drag-queen"... " Buy forty yards of black and white polka dot fabric for the quick change"..."Can you re-write the song to include a baby who turns into a dog?"... Try to spin suspended from your teeth for just 8 counts longer"...

مافيش مشكلة (mafiiš moškila) No problem

All in a days work...

Monday, September 2, 2013

GREG'S WORLD by Rita Abrams

Welcome to the world of the wildest guy I know
He moves with high Velocity--he's called Gregangelo
His life is one big circus and his passion is intense
He was born a whirling dervish and been whirling ever since
There's no way to describe it, so I'll have to simply say

Civilizations on the ceiling, hieroglyphics on the walls
There's a mummy in the living room, and phantoms haunt the halls
In the basement they're concocting creatures made of glitter glue
In the kitchen a contortionist is stirring up a stew 
There's no way to describe it, so I have to simply say

If you think you've got the gist of it--you still have no idea
How shall I put it? The bathroom almost makes it fun to have diarrhea
& Upstairs, you can sleep in a pyramid while attending an all-night black light show
Just a few o' the perks o' the lucky ones, in the Orbit of Gregangelo

He's One-of-a-kind, and kind of a Wonder
He'll retool your brain chemistry
He's an alien being brought down to earth
To set all our fantasies free
But with all o' that said, I still can't begin to describe him, so I give up!
All I can say is...

Written by Rita Abrams August 2013