Wednesday, May 27, 2015


I recently traveled to Venice and Paris with my partner, had an inspiring good time and really immersed into the arts & culture.

As soon as we returned back to San Francisco, my partner, Emmanuel looked at me and exclaimed (in his beautiful French accent):
“You are a very high maintenance man and I can not take care of all of your needs …and I am so thankful to everyone you work with who does!

So here is a note of gratitude I wrote to the culturally diverse team who took great care of the Velocity business while I was away and who each in their own unique way does in fact take care of “My needs”:

I have been catching up and resting a bit since I returned from my journey and just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for a job spectacularly well done while I was away.

I did not realize it took 30+ extraordinary people to take care of “my needs”. I suppose that is rather high maintenance???
More needs to come soon! In return, I will do my best to take care or yours.

And beyond the work, the friendship and trust I forge with each of you is so very valuable.
After all of the great care and extraordinary detail you each put into accomplishing every project, returning really does feel like a new chapter in our company.
Now don’t screw up! LEAVE THAT UP TO ME.

I also wanted to share this cultural encounter and positive ‘review ‘below which I came home to. It is written by a young traveler who I hosted in my home/business before I left.
His words really moved me and are a reflection of who each of you inspire me to be…and what I hammer over your heads to be!

We should all take the time to be so eloquent with one another.

Adam Roker, Chicago, IL, United States

Stayed with Gregangelo – Positive

Gregangelo (say the whole name, he's more than just a Greg) was an amazing host. His house is a character within itself and there is more than enough to see. Gregangelo is a funny, outspoken, self assured, glorious example of letting your soul guide your life with purpose. I got to see a rehearsal for one of his upcoming performances and it's clear that he is a lightning rod of creativity for all artists around him. He sees the best in people and does what he can to bring it out. Spending time conversing and learning with him was the highlight of my trip. I used to think that I was too weird for words. He helped me realize I was too weird for the confines of MY world and to enjoy it. He is a friend for life and I can't wait to see him in the future. You'd be doing yourself a great disservice to not get to meet him!

As always it is a business doing pleasure with you all.



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