Friday, February 1, 2013


Just read a remarkable book titled "Proof of Heaven" and though I am no holy roller (just a roller skater), was motivated to send the author this message and invitation:

I am a whirling dervish and stumbled upon your very inspiring book/experience per chance at an airport, read it, pondered it, and as usual  intuitively found myself very familiar with the topic or... THE topic.
Though I have never experienced a NDE  (Clinical Near Death Experience) or any psychotropic induced state (other than the natural elated state of consciousness while whirling); since birth, I have never lost the firm memory  of eternity or as I refer to it, and noticed you occasionally did as well, -Reality. My entire life has been dedicated as an artist and entertainer to creating shows, stories, artistry, and installations for secular audiences based on "Eternity" (though sometimes masked in more accessible and sometimes even popular imagery depending on the audience) .
I have a permanent installation in San Francisco based on Eternity to which I extend an open invitation to you and your family to share together should you find yourself in this "City by the Bay" .The experience pushes the limited perception of our earthly eyes, ears and multiple senses to expand far beyond the horizons of perceived reality to that far more wondrous , yet always present realm of eternity...

Enthralled with your overall message of  Love, and hope that you inspire many, many people who are in need of seeing beyond the veil of mortality...


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