Tuesday, February 5, 2013

To Live Forever

My  favorite jobs are working in tandem with museums to promote their exhibitions to the public.

Here is a challenging one we did in 3 parts in 3 days for the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno promoting an Ancient Egyptian exhibition tilted:To Live Forever

*Promoting the Exhihbit
Velocity presented our signature Ancient Egyptian Adagio performance to an enthusiastic crowd of un-expecting baseball fans on the ballpark diamond.
The performers later interacted throughout the park to peak the fans interest in attending a spectacle of a different sort…an art museum exhibition.
The crossover challenge of bringing sports fans to the museum for the first time was a success!

*Pharaoh’s Barge

At sunset on the Nile’s royal fleet, nobles and scholars converged to talk of ancient mysteries.  Over an elegant dinner, the ancient and present were woven together by plans for the future, and performances inspired by the past.  Velocity Circus provided entertainment throughout the night which included Whirling Dervish, acrobats and more.  Guests included Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Dr. Zahi Hawass and educator, activist and former first lady of Egypt, Dr. Jehan Sadat.

*Pyramid Party
Even after a few millennia the hottest ticket in town is still ancient Egypt!  With processions to lead the crowd to jaw dropping Velocity performances and toe tapping, ear bending music by the University of California Santa Barbara’s Middle Eastern Ensemble, the party went all night long.   Museum sponsors, donors and long time enthusiasts were dressed the part of Pharaohs and Pharaoh queens which added to the playful enjoyment of the festivities.

*Egyptian Birthday Bazaar

In celebration of the Nevada Museum of Art’s 80th year the gates swung open to let the people in!  Nearly six thousand people walked the rainbow hallway to meet the mummy, hunted for treasure in the exhibition “To Live Forever”, and smelled perfume from the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.  Spirits of generosity, revelry and community were overflowing at this awe inspiring journey through time and curiosity.   Highlights included  standing room only performances of Velocity’s Neo-Egyptian circus acts inspired by the exhibit, and a magical outdoor bazaar inspired by Egyptian markets of the past and present.

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