Sunday, April 6, 2014

VETERANS…in San Francisco?

Of the hundreds of non-profit events over the years I have contributed entertainment and resources in order to help raise $ and awareness to a of endless multitude of causes, this NCIRE project stands out as the single most profound and awakening of all.

Growing up in San Francisco, I was only aware of veterans who were often present as homeless, mentally ill and neglected in the street, or behind closed doors at the SF Veterans Hospital. The hospital is situated on the magnificent cliffs along the Pacific Ocean, and looms over leisurely hikers (often me) who have no perception of what/who lies within as we navigate the peaceful trails below at Lands End pondering the expanse of the ocean, marveling at the Golden Gate, sun bathing, and enjoying the many freedoms of life in the US and San Francisco.

Other than a distant uncle, who when speaking of his WWII experience would burst into a puzzling fit of rage full and regretful tears (which I now understand), I had no personal experience or meaningful education with veterans.

The passionate Ann Fox, who produced this event and the below video brought us in at ground zero to collaborate with various doctors, scientists researchers, artists, designers, media, veterans, and families and through her heartfelt work, and the 6 month journey with her in producing this, my awareness of the neurological and psychological wounds of war is forever changed .

Hiromi, Velocity’s media director was instrumental in both the filming and editing of portions of this high impact video under Ann Fox’s discerning orchestration and watchful eye.

Designed both as a multifaceted “Welcome Home” and outreach resource for veterans returning to the San Francisco Bay Area from their “Tours”, Ann was thorough in bringing a poignant message.

Any opinions that you or I may have regarding this topic are of no concern when listening to the earnest stories and experiences of these men:

Here are some excerpts from the NCIRE awareness gala in which Velocity performed a dancing fashion show of science inspired garments, an acrobatic aerial spectacle inspired by the double helix and other atomic particles, and presented a welcome home film:

Velocity Dance Co posing as scientists at NCIRE awareness gala

Welcome home a veteran and be the benevolent humanity which may have escaped them

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