Sunday, April 6, 2014

San Francisco Madam Sally Stanford

Here at Velocity A & E/ Circus, we bring new and original, and often bizarre characters to life every day as part of our shows, productions, and installations.
Velocity Arctic Mermaid

Occasionally we get requests to do celebrity impersonations of larger-than-life superstars from the music, art, and film world.

Velocity’s version of Cher, Andy, and Liza…

However, it is a rare and special opportunity to do the research and preparation to bring to life the fabled persona of a lesser known local “celebrity”, who against all odds, and through her perseverance became a respected and prodigious legend in her own time and whose inspiration lives on …

“Madam Councilman” Sally Stanford

Through a small but very interesting commission for a local historical society event,
  Multi-faceted Catherine Grillos, a Velocity Character actor for the past 20 years, young artist mentor, and our trusted office manager brings Sally Stanford, San Francisco’s most notorious and beloved Madam of yesteryear, back to life for an evening:

Find your passion
(She just may be in a bordello)

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