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My favorite work is to develop and create for museum public programs and bringing attention to the exhibits.

Sketch for new 2 person costume bringing to life the above garden arch
(Cover of exhibit catalogue)

*****2 clips of mov

Two clips of artists constructing project

We are currently in full production building an installation, characters and acts for the

“Doris Duke’s Shangri-la, A House in Paradise” Exhibit

Presented by

Though I have built a trusting relation with the museum, they must propose our concept to the exhibit presenter.
The below portfolio is the customized tool and proof of experience I gave them specifically to secure this job, and gain their confidence:

1)    “Museums” This link is a description and sampling of our various works at fine arts museums.
The top half of the page lists the exhibits and shows samples of our commissioned works in tandem with each exhibit.
 The lower half of the page links to details of each exhibit:

Jean Paul Gaultier “from the Sidewalk To The Catwalk”

2)    “To Live Forever” exhibit at Nevada Museum of Art
This is a comprehensive portfolio of 3 distinct events/installations/shows surrounding this exhibit. None of the elements will be repeated for the
“Doris Duke’s Shangri-la, A House In Paradise” exhibit donor and public programs.
Velocity greeters at “To Live Forever” exhibit

3)”Art-come-to-life” This gallery is a sampling of a variety of past commissions which reverently brought art and artists to life in a new light to entertain and educate the guests.
At the moment, and for the next 2 months, we are making all new work for the Shangri-la exhibit donor and public events.
(Currently in thousands of pieces in our studio)

Vincent Van Gough painting with light

4)”Installations” This link lists detailed portfolios of some memorable installations for various Museum, Corporate,
 Public Arts, and Private clients:

Velocity walk-thru kaleidoscope

5) Artistic director Gregangelo Herrera- this brief Tedx talk by Gregangelo is geared towards youth and summarizes the director’s work ethics and philosophy:

6): Gregangelo’s studio, headquarters, home, San Francisco attraction, “Museum”
This is a short video journey through his “Shangri-la”

Gregangelo museum brochure

Additional Islamic Arts related info:
The artistic director is a whirling dervish (El Tanoura) and has done extensive life long studies in Islamic Arts & Entertainment as well as professional commissions in the following locations:

Mumbai and Hyderabad, India
Cairo, Tel ar-amana, Luxor, Aswan (more), Egypt
Damascus, Aleppo, Syria
Marrakech, Morocco
Amman, Petra, Jordan

*Portfolios available upon request

Affiliation through discussions with his two sisters’ work in Islam:

Dr Linda Bayat Herrera- Islamic Youth studies

Cathy Kelly Herrera- Documentary film maker
 Currently resides in Cairo and is filming the revolution and Islamic transformation

Artistic Director
Velocity Arts & Entertainment
Velocity Circus
San Francisco
415 664-0095

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