Thursday, January 23, 2014

Velocity Headquarters

I was delighted to receive this unexpected response following a typical, very candid tour of my home and “Velocity Headquarters” to a few very special guests, who learned of us from an article in “The Bold Italic :

“My name is Dre "Poco" Devis. Earlier today, I was given the honor and pleasure of sharing in the magic that the Gregangelo and Velocity have created. Thank you.

I shared the story of my experience with a close friend, and this is what I told him;

If one magical being could curate a space that displayed all of my deepest passion, inspirations, aspirations, feelings, thoughts, confusions, questions, laughs, hopes, dreams, everything that my treasure chest of this life in this body beholds, then Gregangelo and Velocity have been the closest. And magical he must be since we've only just met for the first time (in this reality).

Again, thank you, and keep on inspiring the world…”

Hererra, Gregangelo. “TEDxYouth at Castilleja - Gregangelo.” YouTube. 12 Dec. 2011. YouTube. 20 Sept. 2013

Photo by Francesca Balaguer

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