Thursday, January 30, 2014

NEMA "Made in San Francisco"

San Francisco has always been known to be a boom-town.

From the Gold-Rush to the Silver-Rush to Culinary Arts & Tourism… and now at the helm of "The Information Highway",  Gregangelo & Velocity Arts is inspired to be providing entertainment celebrating the completion of major new architectural landmarks during our current Building Boom! The new NEMA towers complex is a residential oasis, complete with uncommon luxury amenities and services catered specifically for its residents.

Guests got to be voyeurs into the lives of tenants in 3 apartments, experienced a multitude of uniquely San Franciscan artists and immersed themselves onto a roof top garden where native flora & fauna came to life.
"Escape from SF Zoo"
Photos by HIromi Yoshida

With a contrasting philosophy, the revolutionary Trinity Properties just down the street is building a new 4 tower residential complex, "Trinity Place" with a public square for all of the city's residents to enjoy in this bustling revitalized theatre and civic area. I am truly inspired watching these towers from concept to ground-breaking to nearing completion as they rise from the rubble transforming the heart of San Francisco towards a brighter future…

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