Wednesday, January 2, 2019


For over 3 decades and counting , part of my job is to Interactively entertain thousands of guests up close and personal at corporate events in San Francisco. Without provocation, the guests topic of conversations almost always pivot around how miserable they are in their jobs and how they hate their bosses. As part of my job on the floor with guests , I ask many profound and joyful questions to shift focus , and bring up the mood with earnest conversation. Though , a question I often ask at the end is: “In your life, what have you found to be the opposite of love?” Among many answers -The #1 answer I often hear spontaneously shouted is: “corporate culture !” Ouch.

Seems that the new ‘lack of culture ‘of the corporations is simply another epidemic plaguing San Francisco. It is no different then the Jonestown massacre or the Aids epidemic here. Only the ‘cultural void’ of these corporate entities brings equal or worse suffering than both the tragic massacre and epidemic combined. They’re committing the most heinous crime of all- they are killing people‘s souls and spirits while they are still alive. They’ve created a work force of zombie robots who can no longer care or love or think for themselves without connection to what I call their ‘corporate tits“ (which suckle the life out of them! ) They have ‘drunk the Kool-Aid’ that is prescribed to them by their soulless HR teams’ Counter-intuitive regulations.
And exhausted by the plague, they willingly succumb to being sheep who voluntarily herd themselves into the slaughterhouse to be massacred.

Through my endless interactions as an artist, a guide, and an entertainer , I’ve inadvertently discovered that the current workplace is just another landfill full of shattered dreams littering and destroying the human spirit. It seems no different than the giant island of plastic debris suffocating our oceans and the ruthless slaughter of the Earth’s environment fueled by greed with no end.

So to those of you who feel as if you’re ‘doing time ‘ at work - Quit.
Rise ,create ,contribute ,hold your ground ,make a buck doing your thing .
Than persevere and shine so bright that your only purpose is to remain inspired and inspiring.

The world is an absolute miracle and so are you .

This year …Exist. 


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