Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hookah Heaven

Hookah lounge for San Francisco Symphony event

I have been bringing our own uniquely Velocity brand of Hookah lounges to events and installations for many years.

Being Lebanese American, the hookah has always had a central presence in my home.

I am not a smoker, and oddly it seems that the Hookah is not truly considered smoking by the general public, for it is mostly first-timers and families who are drawn to gather around and partake in this magical water pipe indoors in otherwise “non -smoking” areas by often “non-smoking” people.
Hookah attendants in Velocity” Garden of Earthy Delights”

There is an art to preparing the fragrant fruity sap-drenched sweet tobaccos in the pipe, and for the ultimate experience, Velocity provides two skilled attendants who are always present.

They first wash and gently massage the hands of each guest with fragrant floral waters or tell a quick palm fortune to relax and engage each partaker.

Ancient Mediterranean nuts and fruits such as almonds, a variety of ripe dates, seasonal fresh or dried figs, pomegranate, apricots, and grapes are offered to prepare the palette for the upcoming smooth, smoky, sweet sensation.

Velocity provides a special music mix specifically for our Hookah Lounges, which creates and unsurpassed ambience and once guests are immersed in the heavenly experience, the attendants may dance, sing, tell stories, and perform acrobatic feats in rhythm to the music to further entertain the senses…

The beauty of our Hookah Lounges is that they truly unite and bond the guests in an earnest and profound way.

It seems that this venerable sharing of smoke is indeed the peace pipe which awakens all human senses and provokes our primal instinct to gently connect.

I have never witnessed a “selfie” or any sign of technological connection in the lounges.

Every partaker is fully living, aware and suspended in the present moment.

Sharing and laughter abound in this primordial circle of sweet smoke…

Youthful connection without a phone in site

Indulge Your Senses!

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