Thursday, February 6, 2014

Gregangelo & Velocity Custom Costumes

Over the past 30+ years Gregangelo, Velocity Circus, Velocity A & E have imagined, designed and constructed thousands of costumes from concept to completion, from head to toe, wigs/headdresses to shoes, and makeup to motion for our various shows and productions. And we consistently construct new works bit-by-bit on a daily basis. These costumes are labored over by Gregangelo and his team of skilled artists and on completion are really considered wearable works of art.

View Velocity artists at work here:
Dressing Juno

One of Gregangelo’s early whirling dervish costumes was even borrowed and put on display in a gallery as part of a show of Exquisite Ethnic Costumes

Gregangelo, whirling dervish circa 1989

In fact, our Gregangelo & Velocity A & E “Brand” is synonymous with our ever-developing and adapting costume and wardrobe aesthetic which continually evolves according to the need of each show and each client, and of every new whim of Gregangelo.

Gregangelo working on optical illusion aerialist

From time to time, our flow is interrupted to design and construct costumes for other artists and companies.
This is always a welcome and wonderful challenge.

Working from drawings and Photoshop renderings, or just verbal concepts, we delve into bringing every technical and aesthetic detail of the costume to life.

Here are just a few memorable costume commissions:

For all you aspiring pop stars, here are some Illuminated color-changing fiber optic costumes we did for Katy Perry’s band


Katy Perry and band in custom Velocity costumes

These were inspired by the below woven optic costumes they saw us in at a show which were designed and constructed by Velocity artist Kathleen Fernald.
These delicate but beautiful multi -color changing, roller skating optic suits are currently back on our table for a major overhaul.

For all you beauty queens, here is one we recently did for a benefit cosmetics commercial bringing the character and costume from the drawing to life.

A girl with a benefit

For all you sophisticated boozers, here is one we did for a CAMPARI promotion.  Ask your local mixologist for a Negroni!
The CAMPARI Angel and Demon

And for you chocoholics, sweet-tooths and ice cream fans, here is one we designed and constructed for use at several Ghirardelli Chocolatiers:

The Ice-Cream man

Check out more sample images of Gregangelo & Velocity costume commissions for other companies and corporations:

Human Mercedes logo

And here is a sample gallery of a mixed bag of nuts of various past projects:

Jeanne –Paul Gaultier Exhibit at de Young Museum

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