Thursday, May 24, 2018


Today’s guests who journeyed through the Portico Portals of the Museum were a mother and her 10 year old boy named Jahari . He has extreme autism and tourette's compounded with several other Disabilities. By the end of the experience, I was inspired to rename his so called disabilities- 
Omni-abilities ‘ . The boy rocked .
On entry to the Portico, his hat was pulled over his eyes, and he was bluntly exclaiming “ I don’t care about any of this, For Christ sake Just open the fuckin door and let me in , This room is shit”. (This kid is speaking a language I get- intentionally testing me, with 0 filters ) Over the next magical 3.5 hours , I let him lead the experience at his own pace and interest through all 27 differing realms. He awakened and communicated clearly , even laughed more and more as he progressed through each portal - and so did I!

 On view of the Candid Civilization install in The Eclipse Room, he shouted 'Even Hitler thinks Trump is an ass!'

In The Green Room, bursting with life, after my explanation of some lesser known astrophysics, he looked me in the eye and said :
‘I'm not here to fuck spiders, mate’
( an Australian colloquialism which apparently means - Obviously Yes) .
He repeatedly told me , ‘I want to die’, to which I assured him he would, eventually -just not today ,

(except figuratively in The Death Chamber). So he set his death date for 2086 . Reasonable .

Between all of his blunt , yet poignant profanities , ticks , and reactions , was a boy with profound revelations , intelligence bordering on genius, a virtual living internet . 
Humanity can certainly learn to love, accept, nurture and listen to what we so quickly label ‘disabled’. Many of us have the ability to somehow, within our own means, take better care of those who may not be so quickly ‘able’ to make decisions according to the limitations of the status quo.

Jahari’s single working mom, aided by the State to take care of her son, genuinely insisted on paying the full price / minimum 4 guests for the experience here, which profoundly connects guests through the arts .

Meanwhile, we spend many of our days as artists haggling with self proclaimed ‘ billionaires ‘ who insist what a ‘great opportunity’ it would be for us to donate our artistry to them for free, and at our own expense.

Who truly contributes meaningful riches to this world ?

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