Friday, July 5, 2013

ENTRY FOR VELOCITY BLOG - by Rita Abrams, Composer/ Writer

I had a perfectly fine childhood, but I can't remember much magic in it--at least not the kind of magic that dazzles me every time I walk into one of Gregangelo's Velocity rehearsals.  And I'm just talking about the rehearsals,  not even the actual shows! 

    I see taut, trained bodies balancing and bending in remarkable ways, hanging and spinning with amazing agility.  And all with laser focus, dedication, and discipline.  These are obviously beings who are born to, and one with, their art.  It comes as naturally to them as walking or sitting comes to the rest of us.  And when I'm sitting in the midst of it, I feel like I've been taken to another planet and surrounded by aliens--but entertaining aliens.  I am overcome with a child's delight, and an adult's gratitude, for the privilege of being in their company. 

    Leaving the rehearsal, I re-enter a world that now looks too mundane and ordinary, and I find myself hoping I'll be able to return to the magic of the other one soon. 

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