Saturday, June 1, 2013

An earnest reply to one of the numerous requests we receive for providing our valued services for 0 compensation

We have many skilled artists who fit the bill; however our artist roster is comprised 100% of full time performers who make a living through earned income in the arts (no grants, un-related secondary jobs, sponsors, patrons, etc). Behind the scenes we also have three productive studios to support with a crew of costumers, film makers, makeup artists, technicians, writers, composers, multi- media artists and a seasoned sales-team, ALL who have taken the leap to living their various passions and dedicated to providing and supporting a viable living both for themselves and the "on-stage" artists.

My job as artistic director (and artist) has literally become a life-time dedication to successfully providing viable opportunity and contributing to the living wages for the diverse artists on our ever-growing roster. Certainly, none of us chose the artist's path for the $, but it is indeed necessary to stay afloat and continue to bring the finest artistry possible to both the public and private sectors, as well as forge the way to be acknowledged as an esteemed and credible "career" for young aspiring artists of all disciplines.


Artistic Director

Velocity Arts & Entertainment

Velocity Circus

San Francisco

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